Friends and Family

Welcome to the wonderful world of Von Cello's friends and family. Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge images.


Mr. and Mrs. Von Cello

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Minsky

Flower Dog

Of course, Von Weasel had to be the flower dog!

Canarsie - Von Cello's childhood home

Aaron Minsky, 6th grade class, even then they put him front and center.

Nancy and Geri

Geri Modell and Nancy Cooper (old classmates of Von Cello's), riding bikes on Glenwood Road. Riding bicycles was a great pasttime in Canarsie. (Geri went on to become an internet professional and helped to upgrade this site.)

The Mank

Mr. Mankowitz — known as "The Mank", a truly large human being and the most feared teacher at Bildersee JHS in Canarsie, who happened to have a very impressive vocabulary! He was not adverse to lifting violent students up in the air by their shirt collars and saying things like, "Your tempestuous manner is most disconcerting. May I suggest you hinder your propensity towards anarchistic exhibitions?"

South Shore: The Gang

South Shore High School was full of little clicks. At first Aaron tried to fit in, but eventually he made friends with other outsiders. The group grew and grew until it became the hippest scene of all! Here we have some of the people who started it all. Left to right: Lisa, Howie, Neil, Aaron, Stuey.

South Shore: Best Buddies

One day, we realized that frisbee was symbollic of life. It became almost a religion. Here we have two best friends about to experience another amazing game of frisbee: Left to right: Aaron, Neil.

We're Only In It For The Money

"We're Only In It For The Money" (jokingly known as the "Steven Epstein Band"). From left to right: Perry Siegle, Steven Epstein, Aaron Minsky, Mitch Epstein (hidden). Perry's comment: "It was Yvonne's Sweet 16. I don't remember where it was held. Not at all. (No wonder.) I don't know who took the picture. I have no recollection how I got it. I think it was someone like Debbie or Holly, or even Yvonne herself, who saw me at school or, wait, even Fred and Murray's (remember I worked there?)... That's it!!! Matter of fact, Yvonne's parents used to come in all the time and they would say, 'he's the boy that played at Yvonne's party...they were so good!'. I think Yvonne dropped off the pictures...Of course, I could be making all of that up, but not only will you never know, NEITHER WILL I!"

Little Meadows: Before

The "before" picture from the party of the century: left to right: Mike, Cooch, Susan (hidden), Fred, Aaron, Jill, Joe, Neal, Neil, Peter, Stu, Stuey, Howie. This classic picture still hangs in the homes of several of the participants (and even in the homes of some people who were not there!). Antique photo production expertly executed by "Cooch" (Laurence Cuocci).

Little Meadows: After

The "after" picuture of the party of the century (the following morning): Howie, Roni, Neal, Joe, Jill, Zack, Aaron, Stuey, Neil, Russ (in the back), Debbie, Stu, Peter, Dina, Corey, Bonnie, Mike, Susan, Fred, Cooch. Why was this the party of the century? For one thing it was the last time so many Canarsie people got together to party all night before the end of college. For another thing...


Lenny, known in Canarsie as the "Moshiach", hanging out with Neil near Neil's old farmhouse in Sullivan County. Neil's house became a refuge for Aaron during the years he lived in Manhattan. It was also the scene of many good times. Shortly before Neil moved, Aaron spent some time alone at the house (after a trip to Brazil) and composed his Cello Etude #3 from Three Concert Etudes.

Jerry Garcia

Yes, that's Jerry Garcia. Now you may be wondering, "Did he live in Canarsie too?" Well, the truth is, he didn't, but it seemed like he did! ;-)

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