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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Music is worth even more. To visit pages containing audio clips and information about Von Cello's various recordings, click on the underlined links below. Start by listening to music from the Von Cello CDs. Listen to the radio interviews to go behind the music. The history recordings go back to Von Cello's teen years and trace his development from a rock guitarist and singer/songwriter, to a classical cellist, to Von Cello.

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Dead Cello - a solo cello suite based on the music of the Grateful Dead written and performed by Aaron Minsky (Von Cello). 1. The Other One 2. Dark Star 3. Stella Blue 4. Truckin' (For more information click here:

Ten International Cello Encores - the new set of cello encores that takes the concepts in Ten American, expands them, and opens them up to music from around the world. (For more information click here:

Ten American Cello Etudes - the famous set of cello etudes that created a blueprint for an American popular style of cello playing written and performed by Aaron Minsky. (For more information click here:

Celtar When rock guitarist Aaron Minsky took home his cello from high school one fateful day, and placed it over his knee and started strumming: the "Celtar" was born! (Celtar combines the cel of cello with the tar of guitar.) Cello Rock is being embraced around the world in no small part due to the vision and the efforts of Von Cello. Hear him (and his great band) play new originals and covers of Black Sabbath (Iron Man) and the Grateful Dead (Bird Song) on acoustic cello, with guitar pick and bow.

Excalibur A few other brave cellists have made rock CDs, but no one has made a rock CD on the level of the great rock guitar records of the past. With this CD, Von Cello has crossed that line! He has created a true, progressive, jam rock CD. One focuses on the music, barely noticing that it is being led by a cello. Finally, a cellist has pulled out the sword...or in this case the bow.

Von Cello Rules! is the first CD of Von Cello, the band! Whereas Breaking The Sound Barriers was a trip through various styles of music of the past, "Rules" has Von Cello breaking down the barriers of today's music. Here we find a real rock power trio in the tradition of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and Cream, but with a post Metallica sound. For the musically alert, there are plenty of subtle references to classical music and jazz, but for the most part, this is a hard hitting blend of "Metal Cello" and Alternative music.

Breaking The Sound Barriers Von Cello's first "official" CD, is a CD which crashes through the imaginary walls that many people create between musical styles. In particular, it blurs the line between classical and rock. Being Von Cello's first solo CD, it is somewhat autobiographical, and in many ways a concept album. It is a classical crossover CD about a cellist crossing over from classical to rock. Von Cello played every instrument, sang every vocal, did all the arranging and recording. Its wide range of styles shows how the cello can fit into almost every type of popular music.

Sgt. Cello's Lonely Hearts Club Date Band is a beautiful collection of classic rock ballads and other tunes played by Von Cello on his fine acoustic cello, along with an acoustic guitarist and bassist.

Radio Interviews

Von Cello Radio Interviews Hear Von Cello speak about his music and his ideas, and listen to selections of his music with his comments about each piece. This is an excellent introduction to the "Von Cello experience".


Von Cello Live Audio Great musicians are always exciting to see live because they are constantly inventive. The bands that can improvise are the ones which bring the fans back again and again. Von Cello is a great improviser and he plays with excellent musicians as you will hear on these clips from various concerts. Many of the cuts are alternative versions of the songs on "Von Cello Rules!", though other songs are recorded here that do not appear elsewhere.


Von Cello Early Cuts starts with Von Cello's first recording from when he was a precocious 13 year old rock lead guitarist. We hear his earliest collections of songs, listen to his music and thoughts as he moves from rock guitar to cello, until he records his "Celtar" songs, the first recordings in history of a cello played like a guitar. The final cut is of his first classical solo cello work.

Von Cello College Cuts Von Cello goes to college and with him goes his trusty tape recorder! On this page we follow him through his year in Boston, his year in Ithaca, and his years in Manhattan. We see the development of his musical, religious and political ideas. We also get a taste of the wild and crazy musical times he experienced!

Von Cello Early Musical History! lists songs placed in chronological order, starting with clips from 1975 of Von Cello creating a new style of cello playing, and following him through stages as a singer/songwriter, a music student, a classical cellist, a composer, and a rock cellist.

Aaron's Lost Songs This site has links to Aaron's songs from his teens, college years, post college classical and popular cuts, and cuts from Von Cello CDs. But there are a number of songs that were left out. We are calling them the "Lost Songs". These songs were never professionally recorded but were laid down on tape recorders of various qualities. The presentation is often crude, nevertheless in these songs you can hear Aaron exploring rock and classical harmonies and world rhythms within American popular song forms, laying the groundwork for his later classical compositions.

Von Cello New Directions Always looking for new directions, Von Cello recently went into the studio with a well known hip hop producer who contacted him to record a rap tune with only cello and drums! Listen as Von Cello kicks some serious hip hop butt! The full version with the MC is scheduled to be released.

Von Cello Audition Page

Von Cello Audition Page Would you like to audition for the band? Go here to check out the songs you will need to learn before the audition. Good luck!

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