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According to legend, there was once a sword in a rock, known as Excalibur. It was said that whoever pulled it out of the rock would rule England. The strongest men in all the land each took a turn, but no one could make it budge. Finally, a young man named Arthur stepped up. The townspeople laughed, but Arthur approached the stone and pulled the sword right out! So began the reign of the great King Arthur.

A few other brave cellists have made rock CDs, but no one has made a rock CD on the level of the great rock guitar records of the past. With this CD, Von Cello has crossed that line! He has created a true, progressive, jam rock CD. One focuses on the music, barely noticing that it is being led by a cello. Finally, a cellist has pulled out the sword...or in this case the bow.

Audio Clips
Here are cuts from the Excalibur CD. For fast connections stream then hi fi. For slow connections stream them low fi or download and play. You will get an idea of the CD from these cuts, but keep in mind that several songs have long, exciting jams that you can only hear on the CD. You can buy the CD at the Store page on this site. Enjoy!

Purple Haze - 1:37 play Play

You Say So - 1:27 play Play

Vision of Eternity - 2:12 play Play

Chances and Choices - :57 play Play

It Comes Around - 2:08 play Play

The Other One - 4:30 play Play

We Are The Saviours - 1:25 play Play

Last Stand - 2:09 play Play

Dear Prudence - 2:30 play

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