Aaron's Lost Songs

This site has links to Aaron's songs from his teens, college years, post college classical and popular cuts, and cuts from Von Cello CDs. But there are a number of songs that were left out. We are calling them the "Lost Songs". These songs were never professionally recorded but were laid down on tape recorders of various qualities. The presentation is often crude, nevertheless in these songs you can hear Aaron exploring rock and classical harmonies and world rhythms within American popular song forms, laying the groundwork for his later classical compositions.

35 Still Alive
    Written for an older woman this song was intended to cheer up someone who was feeling like life was passing her by. It combines a Jobim-like brazilian verse with an American folk-style chorus.
Special Lady
    This haunting song is about finding that special lady. It has an almost classical sound at times since the woman in question was a classical musician. During the last chorus Aaron borrows a favorite chord progression from the baroque and classical eras.
Ashes on the Ground
    One of the most meaningful songs of Aaron's high school years, it speaks about that time when high school is coming to an end and one must face a new uncertain future. He concludes that you must "jump into the fire and leave your ashes on the ground".
Love Will Find A Way
    Written for a younger woman, the message is that if it is meant to be, love will triumph despite the obstacles. It makes great use of the cello and guitar. With songs like these you can get a glimpse of what could have been Von Cello's early career as a singer/songwriter.
I Wanna Rock N Roll Tonight
    The title pretty much says it all! This is an early metal tune in the style of Mountain. As a young man, Aaron dreamed of having a good time rock band that played tunes like this. The lyrics are about bandmates and promoters who talk a good game but never come through, which is why such a band never happened for Aaron. Still Von Cello wants to rock n roll! Keep in mind that this version only uses a fuzzed up cello, bongos, and Aaron's vocals. If a group like Mountain played it with Von Cello it would have been a hit!
    In a dramatic turn we hear a vocal arrangement that Aaron made of a prayer that is said during traditional Jewish services. "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai Tsivaos." (Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts.) His plan was to put the whole Jewish service to music, scored for an all male a-capella chorus so it could be sung at an Orthodox service.
Think About You in the Night
    This is a tribute to good time California soft rock. This is recorded with Aaron on guitars, vocals, claps, and percussion slaps on his legs! And yes, this song did get him girls!
Funky Thang
    In the 80's Aaron was playing stratocaster and combining it with his early Von Cello electric sounds. Groove music was all the rage at the time so he came up with this funky tune with a motown inspired bassist who also was a member of Aaron's band Smooth Groove, C.K. James!
    Right from college Aaron went to Venezuela to play cello with the Caracas Philharmonic. With him went his guitar and there he wrote songs influenced by the latin music he was taking in all around him. He later wrote several cello pieces in foreign countries where he would go for inspiration.
    This song was a "hit" among Aaron's friends during his Manhattan years. It was actually written out in British Columbia on a summer break from college. It is in the style of bossa nova and describes that sweet sadness one feels when a love affair must end at the end of the summer.
Bright Side
    Here is one of Smooth Groove's best. It is from the 80's and was based on the upbeat dance music of that time. The vocals were arranged by the singer Tanya Tobias (who toured with several famous rock artists).
Don't Let Me Go
    This Smooth Groove tune has a dangerous groove. Great singing and bass playing create the mood for this hot song written by Aaron about a girl who just doesn't want to go home!
Single Girl
    This song came out when personal ads were just coming into vogue. Michelle Monet did a great job on vocals. On this rough demo we have drum machine along with bass and guitar. It was often played live at Smooth Groove shows.
Thank You
    After Aaron's wedding he wrote this mature song about finding true love. Couldn't you just hear it being sung by a top country singer at the Grand Ole Opry?
My Cello Blues
    This started off as a cello etude but somehow it was never included in Aaron's published music. It is based on cool jazz like that of Miles Davis in his ESP days, and originally included the vocals and the cello solo that you hear here. The recording was made during the sessions for the Excalibur CD but was not included because it was too jazzy for a rock CD. We offer it here because of its great ensemble work by the same musicians as the CD.

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