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The Von Cello radio interviews are a great opportunity to learn about Von Cello's ideas about his music and life directly from the artist's mouth. We expect this page to grow, so check back now and then. Enjoy!

Von Cello Radio Interview 8/4/06
    Von Cello was interviewed for two and a half hours on WWPV, Vermont, and later performed at Nectars, the Burlington club where Phish got their start. Listen to live and recorded cuts of new and old Von Cello tunes, and to interesting conversations that range from rock and classical music, to the meaning of Von Cello lyrics, to Aaron's views on politics and religion.

Von Cello Radio Interview 4/12/06
    On 4/12/06 Von Cello was invited to do his fifth interview on the Joey Reynolds Coast to Coast Radio Show, out of WOR, N.Y. In the first clip, Joey talks to Aaron about his transcription of Grateful Dead tunes, called "Dead Cello". It turned out that one of the guests on the show, a judge, was a Dead head. It is mentioned that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is also a Dead head! Aaron tells the story of how he was able to hand his CD to Phil Lesh, the Dead's bass player. Then he plays the first movement of "Dead Cello" to a very appreciative audience, as you will hear.

    On the second cut, Aaron discusses the inclusion of the Von Cello version of "The Other One" on the CD that comes with this month's Relix Magazine (with Frank Zappa on the cover). During this segment, Aaron does an impromtu pizzicato version of Eleanor Rigby (by the Beatles). And Joey calls Aaron, "One of the best musicians in New York City".

Von Cello Radio Interview 5/28/04
    On 5/28/04 Von Cello was invited back to the Joey Reynolds show. Along with him this night were famous singers from the golden age of radio: Claire Barry, Keli Smith and Bobby Milano. On this night the jokes were flying, especially about Aaron's last name, Minsky! (Think Minsky's Burlesque.) Von Cello then plays an acoustic version of, It Comes Around. Listen as these other great musicians show their appreciation.

Von Cello Radio Interview 5/27/04
    On 5/27/04 Von Cello was interviewed on the Joey Reynolds Show. Joey's show comes out of New York on WOR, but is heard nationally. On this show Von Cello was joined by electric violinist Joe Deninzon. During the show the well know conductor, David Randolph, called. Listen to the entertaining interaction between these very different musicians. One highlight is when Aaron and Joe do a jam on Purple Haze for acoustic violin and cello. Mr. Randolph said it had "a delightfully frantic quality"! Later they discuss the controversy involving the exposing of Janet Jackson's breast. Then Aaron plays his song, Feelin' Fine, celtar style!

Von Cello Radio Interview 8/12/03
    On 8/11/03 and 8/12/03 Von Cello played a couple of solo gigs in Chicago. During the afternoon rush hour on the 12th he was interviewed by Johnny Hep on WZRD, the radio station of Northeast Illinois State University. On this spontaneous interview you can get a sense of what it's like to be on the road with Von Cello. Clips are played from various Von Cello CDs, and Von Cello plays live in the studio!

Von Cello Radio Interview 6/26/03
    On 6/26/03 Von Cello was interviewed for a second time by Gary Goldberg on "In the Spirit" on WRPI. This time the show focused specifically on the spiritual side of Von Cello. Listen to Aaron and Gary discuss what makes Von Cello spiritual, as they play and analyze several Von Cello songs. Some of the songs are spiritual in their lyrics, others are spiritual in sound. In the course of the show, it becomes clear that Von Cello's music is truly deep and meaningful! What does a rock cellist know about spirituality? Tune in to find out!

Von Cello Radio Interview 3/6/03
    On 3/06/03 Von Cello was interviewed by Gary Goldberg on WRPI, out of Troy, New York (near Albany). The show was called "In The Spirit". It was carried locally and internationally on the internet. Gary usually does interviews about religion and spirituality. He made an exception with Von Cello because he heard something spiritual and creative in his music. Listen as Gary questions Aaron about his beginnings and his journey from a rock guitarist to classical cellist to revolutionary rock cellist. Listen to selections hand picked by Gary that demonstrate the variety of the music of Von Cello. Hear background information about each piece. Enjoy the obvious rapport that these two music lovers found in this warm and stimulating interview.

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