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Von Cello Rules!

Before going to the sound clips below, read the inside scoop on how the CD "Von Cello Rules" got its name:

Von Cello attended a songwriter's clinic led by a famous music industry insider. Each week, each participant brought in a song (with lyrics) to be analyzed by the leader and the other writers. Von Cello brought in songs in many genres including pop, folk, rap and love songs. In most cases he brought in recordings of his songs or sang and played them on the guitar.

One day he came in with his cello and much to everyone's surprise, he started rocking out with his metal rock song "Hello Mr. Jutter". By the time he was through, everyone was clapping, laughing and cheering. The leader said, "I think you just found your direction!" When Von collected the lyrics sheets back, he saw that someone had written, "Von Cello - King of Metal Cello" and "Von Cello Rules!" The rest is history.

Now for the history:

Von Cello set about creating an album including some angry cello songs. Why? Maybe he was tired of hearing people say, "Oh you play the cello, what a mellow instrument!" Maybe it was because he listened to contemporary rock radio and heard that a lot of the music had turned angry. Maybe he realized that expressing anger in music is a tradition that goes back to Beethoven. Maybe he really was angry at certain people and about certain things and felt that he wanted to go on record with his thoughts. Probably it is a combination of all the above.

Unlike many other bands which write songs full of anger against society, Von Cello turned his anger against people who oppress, insult or hurt other people. Though on first listen, the CD might sound negative, it is actually a very positive statement. Here is a brief explanation of the topics, song by song:

Hello Mr. Jutter - The original "metal cello" tune that started this all off, expresses anger at a boss who oppresses his workers.

Get Up Get Out Of My Way - is about the determination to succeed on one's own terms.

Feelin' Fine - Through a personal story, it discusses the hypocrisy of the war on drugs. How can those who took drugs put others in jail for the same? It is not pro drug. It is anti imprisonment.

Go To Hell - turns metal music against itself as it exposes the hypocrisy of those who write songs praising the dark side of life, while they seek to live the high life.

Scared - uses rap/rock to battle against those who try to scare others into their beliefs with images of hell. They say God is love, yet they promote their religion through fear.

Were You Ever Really Here? - can be interpreted to be about a religious figure who promised to return and didn't. Or could it about a lover?

Spy Vs. Spy - looks at mistreatment from another angle, it's a spy thriller about sex and deceit.

Herbie - tells the story of caterer who mistreats his employees while kissing up to his clients. It predicts a difficult after life for him.

Everybody Knows You Shouldn't Marry A Musician - is a funny look at those women who seek out men for money, not necessarily love.

Something True - is a funky tune is about wanting to tell a sexy stranger exactly what you are thinking. It's a song about desire.

Many of the songs deal with serious themes, yet they often use humor to make their point. The style of the music is all in the hard rock genre but goes from a metal edge to alternative and new classic rock. There is some classical influence, such as quotes from Beethoven's 5th in the song "Scared". There is some "Jam Rock" influence in jams at the end or in the middle of songs. The jamming gets expanded when the band plays live, making Von Cello one of the few bands which can play hard rock songs and improvise on them.

The songs were recorded live, one time through. Only the vocals and the occasional sound effect were added later. Therefore, the CD gives a very good idea of what the band sounds like live.

In the end, this CD will stand out as the first CD in history to put the cello front and center in a hard rock album. It may very well stand as the first real "metal cello" recording. Yes, others have played metal music on acoustic cellos, or even dabbled in the use of electronics, but no one else has made a CD that so makes you forget that you are listening to a cello, and makes you feel instead that you are just listening to a great hard rock band (that just happens to not have a guitar)!

I'm sure you will agree after listening to this CD that indeed, VON CELLO RULES!

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Audio Clips

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