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Minsky Etudes, Encores and Arrangements performed by the composer.
1. Ten American Cello Etudes $9.99
2. Ten International Cello Encores $9.99
3. Dead Cello $9.99
Albums made by the Von Cello Band
1. Celtar $9.99
2. Excalibur $9.99
3. Von Cello Rules! $9.99
4. Breaking The Sound Barriers $9.99
Literary Books
1. Beyond Faith (Minsky's book on religion) $ 9.99
Music Books (only distributed here)
1. Pacific Northwest Suite for 2 violins $9.99
2. Pacific Northwest Suite for 2 violas $9.99
3. Pacific Northwest Suite for 2 cellos $9.99
4. Pacific Northwest Suite for 2 basses $9.99
5. Pacific Northwest Suite for 2 guitars $9.99
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You can listen to clips and find out more about the CDs here: Von Cello CDs

What are other artists saying about Von Cello?

He is a performer of the highest level. Many artists speak of their music being unique, but Aaron Von Cello's music truly is!
- David Blumberg

Forget whatever you think about the cello. He has created a new rock instrument. Sheer genius!
- RagtimeLady

What magnificent talent - no, artistry. Talent connotes skill. Artistry has its source in the soul, the heart, the spirit.
- Demian

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