The Von Cello Trademark visually represents the mission of Von Cello. It is a crest of arms showing that Von Cello is involved in war. Instead of two swords crossing, it has two cello bows crossing, forming a V. This shows that Von Cello does battle, not with swords, but with bows (his music). It also stands for the V in Von. The old English C stands for Cello. It is old English to show that Von Cello comes out of an ancient musical tradition. The V and C together (VC) represent the name Von Cello. The crown above the C represents the noble missions that Von Cello has taken upon himself; the liberation of the cello from its limited role in today's music, and the breaking of the barriers between classical music and rock! Taken as a whole, the trademark represents: Von Cello, King of Rock Cello!

(The Von Cello trademark is registered in the United States of America.)

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