It's one thing to listen to music, it's another thing to see a performer. Over the years Von Cello has amassed many videos demonstrating his great versatility and inventiveness. To visit pages containing video clips and information about them, click on the underlined links below.

On each page you will be given the option to stream or download each video. Try streaming the videos. If they get stuck, try downloading them and viewing them directly from your computer. If they continue to get stuck, restart them and push the needle forward to where they stopped and continue watching. It's worth it!

Von Cello on Youtube displays many video clips of Von Cello and Aaron Minsky. You can also do searches on "Aaron Minsky" to find videos of others playing Minsky's music.

Von Cello on TV contains delightful excerpts of Von Cello on television. See how Von Cello handles himself on Good Day New York, FOX and Friends, and in an interview with Associated Press.

Von Cello Live contains excerpts of Von Cello playing live with the Von Cello Band, the Aaron Minsky Trio, and a duo. Here you will see Von Cello performing under very different conditions in several venues: a New York club, the University of Connecticut, and an outdoor music festival.

Von Cello Etudes, Duets, and Songs shows Von Cello, and others, playing his original classical crossover and popular music. If you ever wondered how the "composer" interprets his own music, this is the page to see. It also includes an exciting cut of an excellent female singer performing a moving ballad, showing how another artist interprets Minsky's music.

Von Cello Guitar Jams shows the playful side of Von Cello. Some people think of Von Cello as a classical cellist crossing over to rock. These videos, with Aaron's high school bandmate Perry Seigle, show once and for all, that Aaron was a fine rock guitarist before he even played the cello. Aaron crossed over to classical and then came back! Go here if you need a good laugh, but also if you want to see some excellent guitar jams. (Warning: you have to spend about ten minutes in the chicken coop before the real guitar playing starts, so sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the laughs!)

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