Over the years Von Cello has amassed a wealth of videos demonstrating his talent and inventiveness as a performer, composer and author. The videos can be viewed on You Tube (click the link below). They are organized in an overall list and in various playlists. The playlists include collections of musicians from around the world playing his etudes and other pieces. They also include collections of live performances of Minsky playing his music in places like England, Ireland and Australia.

Other videos include original performances by his band Von Cello, and classic rock and jazz covers. There are also playlists where he discusses his ideas about creating a new style of music as well as his ideas about religion and rational thought. Feel free to comment or make your own videos performing his music or responding to his ideas. Just include "Aaron Minsky" in the title and your video will be added to a playlist. Enjoy!

Von Cello on Youtube

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